Friday, 20 January 2012

2012: The Year Good Stuff Happens To Pretty Neat People

So this is what 2012 looks like...weird.

Many posts have appeared then vanished from my brain over the past few weeks but seriously, who needed yet another 2011 round up? We had enough 'best of' lists to last us 'til next Christmas and anyway, Charlie Brooker covered off anything you needed to know about 2011 in his Screenwipe. He's such a clever chap, that Brooker. Funny, too. Let's just not mention farm animals.

My current plan of attack for 2012 is childishly simple. No looking back. Je ne regrette rien, or whatever that Piaf bird sung about (incidentally, if you happen not to have seen La Vie En Rose, rectify that immediately.) 

Last year saw yet another surreal chain of events occur on a global scale, but also in the life of YT, so with the view that things will probably get a bit 'round the twist' again, I am focusing on the good stuff that will definitely happen.

First up, the Refused and At The Drive In reformation. Oh hi, two of my favourite bands who I never thought I'd see play live. Who gives a flying flip that they are being paid big $ to play again, as Daniel P Carter pointed out, at some point professional musicians do need to earn some actual cash.

New Noise by Refused changed this little girl's life; when I first heard that song it was like someone lit a touchpaper in my brain. There was a punk club night that went by the same name in a tiny bar in Kingston when I was a student - none of my friends liked rock music, so I'd get in my car and drive there alone, just to listen to the songs. This plan worked really well until someone recognised me from my Myspace profile picture. Now THOSE were the days of social media glory, friends. (Truth be told I was mortified and left pretty sharpish.)

Obviously, being a resident of Brighton and not Los Angeles, earning a crust as a young journalist, circumstances have yet again prevented me from obtaining a Coachella ticket, so as yet I will just have to imagine their live sets. And hope, pray, beg that they come to the grotty old UK and play Reading. What a dream... Because yet again, I know come bank holiday weekend in August I'll be wearing an anorak in a muddy field, drunk at 2pm in the afternoon, living the high life at Reading Festival. Oh, the glamour! There's also Sleigh Bells and Florence gigs to look forward to, plus many more in between. Who could forget two highly anticipated and threatening-sounding albums that are due for release in the imminent future? Born to Lose and Reign of Terror, welcome to my iTunes.

It's an exciting time for music, if you ignore most of the dross nominated at the Brits (sorry, Ed Sheeran? I still don't get it.) Away from major labels, in both suburban towns and big cities, there is the feeling of desperation in the air, which in turn leads to frustration, which eventually leads to anger and a whole lot of people making angry, noisy music.

Bring that on, thank you please. Dubstep just isn't going to cut it in the current social and economic climate. 

In other forms of culture, I'll be counting the minutes until This is England '90, the final part of Shane Meadows story about the kids in Nottingham. Vicky McClure and Joseph Gilgun are hands-down two of the most exciting young actors in the UK today and as far as I am concerned, they can do no wrong and lots of right.

When I'm not reading, watching or listening to something, I'll mostly be following the progress of all the incredible people I was lucky enough to meet last year. And old friends, still striving to achieve their dreams, or just to make life better. Mainly girls, each talented in different ways, working like mad to make things happen. Things will indeed happen this year, they have to.
#nowplaying Brand New, Sowing Season


PS Talented people alert:

And many more who haven't got a somewhere I can link to just yet. 


polka dot said...

Oh, my.. Georgie, I'm.. is this what speechless feels like?

I was just reading your beautifully written post - I've been staying away from blogs, including my own, but let myself go on facebook long enough to see your link, and the weird thing is, I woke up this morning and was thinking of posting something similar. Not about those bands - which, old fart that I am, I will have to get up to speed on - but about how I feel about 2012. And friends like you. And then I saw my name on your list!

Chuffed to almost teary bits. You beautiful old soul! Have a lovely weekend, sweet G. xox

Gem Fatale said...

Georgina, I swear you could be my sister from another mister.
Love of Charlie Brooker, This is England and Brand New - check.
Detestation of Ed Sheeran and Dubstep - check.
I ashamedly glossed over on Refused in my adolescent music initiation, but am making up for lost time with a boyfriend who is obsessed.
All that remains is for me to discover you're a Brass Eye fan, and I will officially be hiring you as my BFF when I move to Brighton.
Me being creepy aside, hope you have an awesome 2012 <3

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